Feb 13, 2014

Create a Little Love Campaign

I was asked by Brilliant Earth to participate in their Create a Little Love Campaign.  Brilliant Earth is an ethical, conflict-free diamond and jeweler.  They also donate 5% of their profit towards people affected by the diamond industry.

My base was Zoya 'Sweet'

I used the saran wrap technique to create a marble look by putting Zoya 'Dita' over top 'Sweet' and dabbing with a crumpled piece of saran wrap!

I absolutely LOVE how this came out!

Cupid is a pretty typical icon for Valentine's Day. I love this because the 'LOVE' has an arrow through it, cupid is shooting his arrow at the couple, couple kisses, and the rest is history!  

Zoya 'Sweet' and Zoya 'Dita'

PSSST... I have yet to review the Winstonia Second Gen plates... STAY TUNED!

Happy valentine's to everyone, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

'Love conquers all, and so let us surrender ourselves to Love.'

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