Jan 21, 2014

National Hugging Day!

Today is National Hugging Day!  According to Wikipedia and NHD website, it was started in 1986 here in Michigan!  The 'holiday' has since gained recognition world wide.  The idea is to encourage people to embrace hugging :)  There are many health benefits to hugging, including increased levels of oxytocin!  (psst, read here for a list of reasons why we need to hug more!)

My thumb was just a mish-mash of different parts of image plates.  Upper left says "Love", then "Hold Me", "Love", "Hug Me", "Peace".

China Glaze 'Awaken' and Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'

ooohhhhh, puuurdy.

'hug me' stamped on my index finger

Peace sign on my ring finger

 The people holding hands are in the fourth row from the bottom, third one in. :)  

Peace + Love on my pinky finger, and peace signs on my thumb.

So, have you hugged your neighbor lately?  ;) Have a wonderful day.

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