Jul 3, 2013

Bundle Monster Holiday Collection / Fourth of July Mani!!!

Bundle Monster released a new set, specifically a holiday collection!

The set came in a little box, and as usual has the protective blue covering.  Make sure to remove before using!  The plates also have protective backing.  

Wow! What an adorable set!  Now for the measurements...

Here's a few pictures of the new Bundle Monster Holiday Collection compared to other image plates:

Now for testing!  It appears that some images stamped better than others, but I do think it was my technique.  For example, look at the hearts on the lower right corner.  Same polish was used for testing, different results!  Otherwise, everything so far seems to be working well!

Index & Middle:  China Glaze 'White Out', topped with OTD 'Northern Lights'
Ring:  Layla Hologram Effects '#07 Ocean Rush'
Pinky:  Jade 'Vermelho Surreal'

 I decided that I wanted a different thumb :P  
Middle:  Stamped using BM-H25 with Konad Special Polish in Blue Pearl & Red.

 Thumb - Fireworks!  Stamped with Nfu-Oh! and BM-H14

 L-R Sally Hansen 'Midnight in NY', China Glaze 'White Out', Jade 'Vermelho Surreal', Layla Hologram Effect '#07 Ocean Rush', OTD 'Northern Lights'

NFU-OH! #61, Konad Special Polish in Blue Pearl, Konad Special Polish in Red

So what do you guys think?  I love this set, but if you don't have very many plates I wouldn't recommend this set because it's only for holidays.  You may not get much use out of it.  You can purchase it at BundleMonster.com for $21.99  :)



  1. Some really nice patterns, but I'm not sure I would use even half of them.

    1. I love them, but like I said if you don't own a lot of image plates already, this set wouldn't be that great since it's only holidays, when you could spend the money and buy a more diverse set :)

  2. I am soo freakin excited to get my plates now! These look so fun :) I already have quite a few plates so am looking for something different...birthday candles! a mexican cactus! What more could you want, lol.

    1. Nice!!!! Did you get them and try them yet? What do you think!?

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Are you going to try any? :)


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