Apr 21, 2013

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!

The first Earth Day, 1970. The idea came to the founder of Earth Day after witnessing the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. For more information on the history of Earth Day, go to EarthDay.org. Wikipedia also has good information on the history of Earth Day!

Remember, Zoya is offering their usual Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange! If Zoyas are out of your price range, now is the time to purchase some! Zoyas are great because they are BIG5FREE! You must purchase at least 6 polishes (no more tan 24) and you get them for 50% off. They ship them to you, and then you ship back the same number of any other brand to them for recycling! I'm sending some Funky Fingers, Kleancolor, Wet n Wild and Sinful Colors.

Now, onto the mani!

Orly Decades of Dysfunction
Before topcoat
Orly Decades of Dysfunction
With topcoat. 
Index finger:  I used just the sun from Cheeky plate CH36 with Konad Special Yellow and the bicycle is from Apipila03.
Middle finger:  Background stamp is from Cheeky CH33 with Special Polish in Pastel Green.  'Earth Day' is from Winstonia W104 stamped with Special Polish in Green
Ring finger:  Flower stamped from Apipila02 with Konad Special Green and Psyche Pink, added a yellow pearl.
Pinky finger:  Cheeky CH33 with Konad Special Green

Orly Decades of Dysfunction
My thumb.  The heart is from QA10 stamped with Konad Special Red, and Earth is from FUN2 plate stamped with black and I filled in with Zoya 'Shawn' and 'Breezi'.

 Orly 'Decades of Dysfunction', Zoya 'Shawn', Zoya 'Breezi'
Konad Special Polish:  Psyche Pink, Yellow, Green, Red, Pastel Green
I added a yellow pearl to the flower.

For information on how you can make a difference by doing small Acts of Green, visit EarthDay.org.

What are some things that you pledge to do to make a difference?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I really like the color also. I think Orly has another one that is an exact dupe of this, but I can't remember the name!

  2. So pretty!! You forgot to put that you got the "earth day" stamp from the Winstonia plate. Love the bike!! So cute!!

    1. Thanks! D'oh! You're right... I will fix that.. thank you so much! I posted this pretty late last night :)


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