Mar 8, 2013


I am reviewing Pueen's 25 piece set.
The plates are all individually wrapped and protected.  I like that!  And, as you can see, they have the protective backing as well!


 Keep in mind the half-moon takes away some of the length of the image if you intend to use it to cover your entire nail.

Compared to BM's third set.
 Compared to Gal's 'Fairy' set, which also happens to have the halfmoon.

Now to test these babies out!
(Indoor artificial lighting)
First I created a  sponge gradient .

Gradient was created using Lime Crime 'Creme de Limon', China Glaze 'Sweet Hook', China Glaze 'Aquadelic', and stamped with Konad Special Violet Pearl

Next day / natural lighting.
Stamped using plate Pueen18

Overall, this is a nice set and I do like it.  The images that I tested all stamped well.  I'd say 98% of the designs are full nail images, with a few single (and really cute) images here and there.  The set is $17.99 plus free shipping on  Depending on what you like, this set is worth the 18 dollars but if you don't use a lot of full nail images, then this set may not be for you.

What are your thoughts on this set?  Will you be ordering it?


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  2. This is the 2nd review for the PUEEN set and I think I might give a try, I really only use the full nail images. I hate wasting plates with the french tip designs. Boo to that. Thanks for the honest review!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You're welcome and I'm glad my post was able to help you make a decision :)

  3. I love the close up of your plate reviews. I've bought so few because the photos of the plates are so difficult to see. Now I must go hunt down the Pueen and Winstonia sets. Thanks again!


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