Feb 18, 2013

Winstonia Review

Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Plates first generation
Packaging is nothing too fancy, but it does the job.
Winstonia image plates
 I am loving that all the newer plates that are coming out have the backing! So nice.
As usual, remember to peel the plastic off before use!
Winstonia W101
Winstonia W102
Winstonia W103
Winstonia W104
Winstonia W105
Winstonia W106
Winstonia W107
Winstonia W108
I was already sold on this set, but this is what sealed the deal!
Winstonia peacock feather, nail image plate peacock feather
Winstonia W109
Winstonia W110
Winstonia W110, Winstonia mushrooms, nail art image plate mushrooms
I just love these little 'shrooms... they remind me of Mario Bro's ! 
Winstonia W111
Winstonia W112
Winstonia W113
Winstonia W114
Winstonia W115
Winstonia W116
Winstonia W117
Winstonia W118
Winstonia W119
Winstonia W120

Let me just say how much I LOVE this set.  I have been searching and searching for a decent peacock feather image (W108).  I love the ones that I currently have, but they are all very large.  This one fits on my nail and is PERFECT!!!

Now, onto size comparisons...

winstonia image plate size
Exactly 1 inch in width!

winstonia image plate size
5/8 inches in height!

 In comparison with Bundle Monster's 3rd set.
 In comparison with Cheeky's first set.
gal's fairy set
In comparison with Gal's Fairy set
 In comparison with Konad
 In comparison with Mash
....and PUEEN! (which I will be reviewing next week!)

winstonia nail art
I just love this.  Especially because I'm stuck here in this awful Michigan weather, and I can just look at my fingers and dream of being at the beach... haha.
Base coat.
When I reached for this bottle and looked at the name, I giggled.  Couldn't be any more perfect!  The second picture I'd say is more true to the color.

I made a sponge gradient using Milani "Beach Front" and China Glaze "Kalahari Kiss".  I wanted it to resemble a beach.  This just didn't cut it.
 So I added China Glaze "Golden Enchantment" onto ONLY the tips where "Kalahari Kiss" is.  This, to me, resembles the sparkling sand on the beach.
Wow, doesn't that make all the difference?! I just love this.
EXACTLY the look I was going for! (This is my thumb)

 My index finger is plate W106 using Konad Special Red for the umbrella, and MoYou Special Black for the glass and sunglasses.
Middle finger is also plate W106 using MoYou Special Black.  Ring finger is plate W106 and the palm tree was stamped using Konad Special Green and Special Brown.
Pinky was W106 as well, stamped with Konad Special Red.
Thumb was stamped with plate W108 using Konad Special Brown.
China Glaze "Golden Enchantment", China Glaze "Kalahari Kiss", Milani "Beach Front"
The stamping polishes - MoYou Special Polish in Black, Konad Special Red, Konad Special Green, Konad Special Brown.

This is by far my favorite set that has recently come out!  It kind of reminds me of the Cheeky summer set.  I am so amazed that this is their FIRST set ever!!! The images all stamp very well, there is something in this set for everyone, and the images are very unique.  There aren't a lot of the usual floral full nail images, but there are a couple animal prints and some whimsical designs.  The set is $15.99 + $2.99 shipping for 20 plates on Amazon.com.  For what you get in the set, it is definitely worth it. Even if you have a lot of stamps as it is, you MUST get this one!

Which plate is your favorite? Will you be ordering this set?  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. O.m.g. That is just gorgeous and the sand is so perfect!! I love those plates but especially 102 and 107 ;)

    1. thank you! I love 102 as well. So cute. I love them all!

  2. Great Review :)
    I Love all the images myself but wished they were a tad bigger.

    1. Thanks! That's too bad! I know you have tons of stamps that are larger though ;) because I have seen all your art! These ones are actually perfect for me because I don't have very long nails.

  3. Love Love Love this mani!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I bought this for the crab alone!!! I have not been able to find a cute crab (have one but it stamps loosy! This one looks awesome!) How do you stamp using two colors? Stamp one color at a time or together? Do you do vids??
    Looking forward to following your blog & see what else you do! :-)

    ~Fellow Michigander~

    1. Thank you very much! To stamp using two colors, you just dab on the colors on the spots that you want those colors. You do have to scrape in a direction where the colors aren't going to sort of blend into eachother. So it can get kind of tricky, but it just takes practice. I do videos sometimes, and I actually just posted a valentine's day mani. I have a video that I have to finish editing for my Peacock nails as well. If I get good feedback, I would continue doing videos. So glad you enjoy my blog, thank you so much for stopping by!!!

  4. This is absolutely adorable! My plates should be arriving in the mail today and now i cannot wait to play with them! :D

    1. Thanks!! Nice! You will love them. This is probably my favorite set so far. :D

  5. I have been seeing these plates around while browsing blogs today and I love that you id size comparisons with the well known brands - thanks!

    Love your beachy mani, it is perfect!

    Now following your blog :)

    1. Thanks so much!! I'm glad the size comparisons were helpful :)

  6. OH MY GOSH! I didn't even know about these guys! But they have cherries and mix tapes and game boys!!! Eeep! I just finished spoiling myself with a bunch of XL plates from Cheeky. I thought "oh good" I shouldn't need more of these for awhile". HA.

    Anyways just found you blog and totally following. I am also a stamping junkie. You are on my blogroll now!

    1. They just recently came out :) Haha! I can promise you they are definitely worth it though. I just love this set! Very unique. Love the Cheeky XL plates though, too!

      Thanks for following! :)

  7. OMG this is so perfect! Love your nail art and particularly the slippers :) They're too cute!

  8. What do you use for top coat? How do you keep the special polish from streaking when putting on the top coat? You did an awesome job!

    1. Jill,
      I usually use POSHE or Seche Vite. Recently I picked up a new topcoat, HongKong girl (used for airbrushing) and it works even better. Got it on Amazon. But it smells awful. :(


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