Feb 9, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Marley...

Peace, Love, and Music!

Hi guys! I love reggae music.  Nesta Robert Marley (February 6th, 1945 - May 11, 1981) just recently had a birthday!  on Wednesday, he would have turned 68 years old.  My manicure today is dedicated to Mr. Marley!

I took these pictures myself in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica in March of 2008.  This is where Bob Marley was born, raised, and laid to rest.
Bob lives.

 Now, on for the nails!
Start off with a basecoat (I used Milani 'White on The Spot')
I created a sponge gradient using Color Club 'Social Life', Color Club 'Dress for the Parade', Color Club 'P is for Pride'

Before clean-up.  Yikes!
rasta nail gradient
After cleanup and topcoat.  Muuuuch better!
rasta nail gradient
Before top coat.
The following stamps were used:
Thumb = FUN1
Index Finger = CH31
Middle Finger = QA11
Ring Finger = FUN2
Pinky = Guitar is from an image off of FUN2, 'Love' is from plate U, and peace sign from QA11.
All stamped using MoYou special nail polish in Black.

Bob marley nail art
with topcoat.
The colors you will need:
Color Club 'Social Life', Color Club 'Dress for the Parade', Color Club 'P is for Pride' - these are all from the Color Club Fall 2011 Charitable Collection (Pride:  Live your life in color)
(The top left two images)

Now for my favorite Bob Marley song!  Enjoy!!!!
I'll play your favorite song, darlin... 
we can rock it all night long, darlin.  
'Cause I've got love, darlin... 
love, sweet love, darlin....
mellow mood has got me, so let the music rock me.


  1. Wow!! I thought it was awesome before the stamps but...breathtaking!! Lol, great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I did this gradient a couple weeks ago and liked it too much to stamp on it. Then liked it enough to re-do it! :)


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