Nov 29, 2012

Zoya Gradient

Well, now that winter is here (even though it has been very warm for November here in Michigan!), I wanted to do something bright and cheery.  

I started off with Zoya 'Arizona'

Created a sponge gradient with Zoya 'Arizona' and Zoya 'Dawn'

Stamped with DRK-A plate.

MoYou special Black  Stamping Polish, Zoya 'Arizona', Zoya 'Dawn'

I love how this turned out!!!!


  1. Loving this, the black is elegant and the orange and pink are young and fun. Good job.

  2. Have never seen mani this pretty and such perfectly done!! - Visit My Site

  3. This is definitely up there on my wish list--the colour and the design is gorgeous!
    I love my Nails


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