Nov 22, 2012


I am trying out OMG / MoYou nail image plates for the first time.  The designs are so adorable.  I can't wait for their new image plates to come out!

Special polish, scraper, stamper, image plates.

The scraper is plastic, which is great.  I don't use the regular Konad ones anymore because they scratch my precious plates.  :)  I really like the stamper as well.  As you can see, it's the kind of slippery, shiney rubber like the XL rubber stamper (as opposed to the regular Konad stampers).  These kind of stampers work AWESOME for doing a mirror image (more on that another day!) because it seems to pick the images up much better for some reason.

The plates have the protective backing and come with the plastic cover that needs to be removed prior to use.

How adorable are these plates?!

I just love this lil' monkey!

These images were stamped using the MoYou special polish.  All of the images stamped well, with the exception of the bear as you can see on N08.

This little piggy ...
MoYou plate N08

Base color:  OPI 'Hawaiian Orchid'
Stamp:  Konad Special Polish in 'Magenta'

I really loved the images.  They are so adorable and unique.  I will definitely be getting some of their new ones when they come out!  

**This product was sent to me for review.**


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