Sep 18, 2012

LeaLac Plates Review - PICTURE HEAVY


XL plate LLC-A.

The top.

The bottom.

XL plate LLC-B

The top

The bottom

The backing

Comes with the blue film as usual.  Make sure to peel off before use!

The first thing I noticed was the backing does not perfectly fit the plates.   

The XL plates are even worse.

This is what I worry about over time.  I didn't even work hard for this to happen, just flicked it with my finger nail

I can see them coming off even more after time, especially with heavy use, polish and polish remover.


These images are very large. Above is in measured in inches.

Width - Inches

This is a Cheeky Jumbo Plate.  9/16th of an inch compared to LLC's almost 7/8ths of an inch!

DRK-B's width in inches.

I tried to line them all next to each other so you all can see the sizes.


This is my pointer finger.  Like I said, VERY LARGE!




LLC-A.  I LOVE this image but the whole thing won't fit on my nail!

So... let's test these babies out, shall we?!

The images stamped pretty well.  No complaints here!

WARNING!!!! FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so I debated to even post this.  Yes, I know these are scary.  I actually forgot to take a picture afterwards, so this is a week of wear.  haha, sorry!

This image is from LLC-B

Sinful Colors 'Luminary' and Konad Special Violet Pearl

So, I am happy with the small round plates.  All images stamp very well and the designs are stinkin' cute.  The designs on the XL plates are great, HOWEVER they are extremely large.  To me it is a bit of a disappointment because they are so large that most of the design doesn't even show on my nail and looks silly.  Especially disappointing for the images like the bird, waves, and trees on the XL plates.  You won't even be able to tell what they are on my nail.  Some people may like the large images though.  For me, Cheeky's image sizes are PERFECT.  Still, a pretty good deal - $5.00 for the small round plates and $20.00 for the XL plates.

You can purchase these plates at Llarowe.


  1. I'm always looking for stamping plates large enough to cover my wide thumbs LOL - thanks for the review!

    1. lol! then these would be perfect for you!!! And @ a good price ;)

  2. WOW those are freaking Huge! great for long nails but we all break a nail eventually. Great review. I do not own any of these except Cheeky plates. I'll have to start my xmas list Thank You for posting and sharing :)

    1. Haha, I know, right! I was not expecting that. when I opened them, I was like 'uhhhh, okay then!' . hehe. thanks :) Even though they are large, I think they are still worth it... but maybe that's just my inner plate hoarder speaking... :)

  3. I was so happy when I got mine - I love that they're huge for two reasons.
    1. I have large nails (okay, not that large, DRK plates are perfect for me, Magnonails/Cheeky XL are only good when my nails are super short)
    2. I like the option to use different parts of the images in some cases, so no two nails have to look exactly the same.

    I can see how the size would be annoying for people with smaller nails though!

  4. I am amazed at how large these plates are,and from your comparison,these images are actually larger than the DRK plates,right? I am looking around,wondering which large plates would be best for me.

    1. Yes, they are larger than DRK! So if you are interested in extra large full nail images, then I suggest these plates :)


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