Aug 19, 2012

The 311 Hive

So, 311 is my favorite band.  Every once in a while I do nails in honor of them!  Their fanbase is nicknamed 'The Hive', and they own a recording studio also called The Hive.  

I also wanted to try making my own water slide decals.  The process was actually pretty simple.  I picked images that I liked, scaled them down, and mirrored them using photoshop.  Then printed them, waited about half an hour and then sprayed with clear acrylic top coat.  Voila!  

Once I was ready, I cut out the image and let it soak in water for about 30 seconds.  You just slide the image between your fingers and the image will separate from the paper.  I used my rhinestone picker to apply the image on my nail.

No topcoat yet.  I lightly rubbed the image on my nail until it was dry.  Then applied a topcoat.

Ugh... will never buy polish from CVS again that has these stickers.  I tried to peel it off, but it wouldn't come off.

Basecoat:  InnisFree #87 stamped using HB34 with Maybelline Color Show (Metallics) "Bold Gold" 

I love love love this stamp but unfortunately, I can't get many of the images to transfer and had to work VERY quickly to get the honeycomb image to transfer.  Surprisingly, this was my ONLY honeycomb image in my entire collection!  Mash, Bundle Monster, or Konad didn't have ANY!  If anybody knows of any others, please let me know :)  



  1. That is such a great idea!! I really have to try that some time!! And the honey comb idea is so stinkin cute! <3

    ~ The Daily Lacquerista

    1. Thanks! It was pretty easy. The hardest part really was just getting the printer to take the paper. It kept trying to jam. :(

  2. Nice to see you succeeded with making your own decals too :) it is fun right? (you don't need the mirror them, the side that comes off the white paper is actually the side that comes on your nail and it is sticky)

    I just saw your quenstion about imageplate H18 and H20 I believe Chez delaney sells them (and ebay and some German shops) I just bought mine in Holland, but Chez was the first who selled those plates. They are bigger round plates.

    1. Diana,

      It was fun! Really?! I thought you had to mirror it, thank you SO much! This saves an extra step, lol!

      Ok, thank you for the link to the other plates. I will check them out.

  3. This looks awesome!! :D I just found your blog through Reddit, and am now following! :D


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