Jul 14, 2012

Bundle Monster 3.0

Hi everyone!  Seriously I have not had time to update!  I haven't even stamped my nails in over a month.  :*( Anyway, I got the BM3 set 3 weeks ago but I've been in Ohio so I haven't been able to do an update until this weekend.  I apologize for the images all being different.  I try my best, but I haven't quite gotten down a good technique for taking pictures of the plates.  I am hoping to invest or make a lightbox eventually so that I can have better quality pictures for you guys!  But, at the very least you can see clear pictures of each image on the plates.  Enjoy!

They come in this little plastic box.

As usual, the plates come with a blue plastic covering that you need to peel off before using.

The backing is the same as last year's set (BM2).

I like how they have the inverted images. 

I like how this set has only two french tip plates.  Realistically, I hardly ever use french plate images.  They are cute, but I just never end up using them.  

Size of the full nail images

BM set #3 compared to BM set #2:
BM3 full nail images are slightly larger than BM2.

I noticed that the french tips seem to be a bit larger than the second and first BM set as well:

How does BM3 full nail image size compare to other sets?  Let's find out!

Mash's 2012 set

Cheeky' first 2012 set

Red Angel


(For more size comparisons, please check out one of my past posts HERE)

Here's some samples of the images stamped:
The images are pretty detailed and stamp really well.

Here's the first mani I did with this set:
Sonia Kashuk 'La-Di-Da'.  By the way, I LOVE this Sonia Kashuk formula.  This is 1 coat and without a topcoat!  It was so glossy even without a topcoat that I probably could have gotten away without one.  :) 

I applied Sally Hansen 'Princess Cut' , which is a flakie polish.

And stamped with plate BM317 using Konad Special Polish White

As you can see, there is a great variety of detailed images; there is something for everyone and a lot of different occasions.  I think it also has a good variety of full nail images vs. smaller images! This set is definitely worth it!!

You can get this set at www.BundleMonster.com or www.Amazon.com for $21.99.  Shipping is free from both retailers.  I placed my order from BundleMonster.com on a Thursday and received my plates on Saturday.  


  1. this set looks awesome, just ordered it! I was just wondering what stamp you use?

    1. I'm sorry, for some reason I didn't get the notification that you commented! How do you like the set (I'm sure you've gotten it by now, lol!) I have a few different stampers from Konad and I use them all!


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