May 20, 2012

The Sky's The Limit

The challenge for this Sunday is "The Sky's The Limit" - anything that belongs in the sky!  

I decided to do a gradient using a fan brush instead of a sponge this time.  I just thought it would look more like the sky :)  I stamped over that using Konad M79 with Konad Special white 

EXCUSE MY CUTICLES!  I was bad and started chewing on my cuticles (mainly my thumb and index finger) :(  

The sun is from ENAS A-30

I attempted to use multiple colors for for the hot air balloon, but I was a little too slow.  Some of the design didn't transfer all the way, but to me it looks as if the clouds are covering the top of the balloon!  The image is from FUN1 plate and I used Konad Special Red and Yellow.  The green is Sinful Colors "Exotic Green" and the black is ENAS Black

This was my first time using the ENAS stamps. I had a little bit of a hard time with the Seagulls, but the Sun was a little easier to work with... I'll keep practicing... Review on those soon!

The kite is from Cheeky Mega Plate D, stamped using Konad Special Red and ENAS Black

I used the kite from Cheeky Mega Plate D


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