May 13, 2012

A plate ending in 5: SH25

This Sunday's challenge is 'using a plate ending in 5'.  I chose Shany SH25.  It was hard for me to capture the true colors for some reason.  Bare with me! 
 I wanted to do something Arabesque, based off this picture.  It didn't quite come out as expected, lol.

here we go... this is closer to what it actually looks like.  

Dark lighting so you can see the gold flakes.

I created a sponge gradient using Kleancolor "Modern Wine" and Kleancolor "Copper".   I topped the gradient with Essie's Luxeffects "As Gold As It Gets", althought the luxeffects seemed pointless because you can barely even see it.  :(   Stamped Shany SH25 using Sally Hansen "Copper Chrome" 

This time for the gradient, I applied tape to help with clean-up.  Hahha!  It was kinda pain in the butt, but in the end it did help because there was minimal clean-up.  Also the time spent putting on the tape was probably less than the time I was spending doing clean-up when I make gradients (VERY MESSY!!!)

Before clean-up.

With "As Gold As It Gets" on top.

Essie "As Gold As It Gets"

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Mother's Day :) 


  1. so pretty! that gradient is gorgeous!

    1. thank you Erin! :D I have been obsessed with gradients lately, lol. I'm going to keep practicing them!


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