May 22, 2012

Mash Review - PICTURE HEAVY!

Today I have a review of the new Mash image plates! 

This is a set of 25 plates, with each plate containing 5-7 images (over 125 images), for the price of $12.99.

The images came individually wrapped and include the blue plastic protective cover.  MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE PLASTIC PRIOR TO USE! 

I really like that this set has the backing to protect your fingers and the surface you are working on! (so THIS doesn't happen!)

The size of the full nail images are approximately 12 mm / 1.2 cm / 0.5 in

Here is a comparison next to Konad.  They are the same size.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dragon fly.  (Mash-41)

This smiley reminded me of Nirvana:

Now, onto the plates!

As you can see, there are a wide variety of images.  There is something for everyone.  I have many image plates, and there are quite a few unique images on these plates that I don't have!  For example... the snake and the plaid design on this plate above, Mash-50.  Horse, unicorn, an earthworm (TOO CUTE!), an owl, cactus, octopus (too. flippin'. cute!), the maneki neko (Chinese "lucky cat"), etc. 

So now for testing the quality!

Kinda messy, but I just wanted to test the quality.

Some of them look blurry, but I swear that is just "user error". 

As you can see, the images all stamped very well.

(I absolutely LOVE those waves in the middle last row, by the way!)

Nice, crisp images!

So let's see what I can come up with....

I used Layla "Ocean Rush".  Because of the pretty holo, I wanted a subtle design.
Stamped with Mash-45 using Color Club "Worth The Risque"

**This product was sent to me for review**


  1. Oh man another one for the wishlist!

  2. I have these plates that I got for christmas, and I'm still kinda new to stamping. Could you make a tutorial or just explain how to do gorgeous stamps like you do? My polish never completely pulls out of the plate, and sometimes there are blank spots.

    1. Sure! I can do a video! It might take me some time. In the mean time, check out the videos section at the top of my page , it will take you to my YouTube channel and I do have a few videos so far.

  3. I love stamping plates! but my favorites are the Mash, I really like the variety of designs, also have a pretty good price. I am very happy with them! :-)

    1. Yes, definitely! I do really like this set as well! :)


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