Apr 19, 2012

Lilic's A01 & A02

Hi all, just a review of Lilic's image plates A01 and A02 that I just got last week.  There is a lot of hubbub going on right now about them and their poor quality, so I figured I'd do a little review.  The plates are either $10 each, or 9$ each for a set of two.  Plus $7.00 shipping and $3.00 tax, making these two plates a total of $28.00.  Are they worth it?  Let's find out...

These plates are 7cm in diameter.  As you can see, they are not shaped in a perfect circle.  The metal is not the normal glossy metal that other mage plates are.  It is more of a brushed metal.   One plus to these is that the edges are NOT sharp, and so they won't cut you like other plates do (Ahem, SHANY!)

Here they are compared to a T series plate.  Again, they are not a perfect circle as you can see clearly the plate on the left.

Here is a Lilic's plate on top of a T series plate.  See how misshapen the plate is? 

The designs are very cute.  But upon closer inspection, they are done poorly.  They look like they were hand drawn rather than designed on a computer.  Because of the brushed metallic, a plastic scraper is no good for these.  You must use a metal scraper... which is fine I suppose because it isn't going to scratch the plates since they are brushed.  Here I'm using Nubar Noir to test the images.

I took a few pictures of some of the designs once they were picked up on the stamp.

I consistently had problems with this chain, the last chain on the right at the very top.  It didn't pick up the stamp well.  I tried multiple times, finally getting it to work once.

I'm not sure what's with this one.  Is there supposed to be two lines?  The ends are not separated, so I don't know if it's supposed to be like that or if it is just again poor quality.

The panda picked up the image almost perfectly (see the ears are kind of not filled in all the way?).. I love this little guy!

Quite a few people were having problems transferring this image.  Thankfully mine worked just fine, as you can see.

Again, people were having problems with this barcode image as well but I guess I got lucky because mine worked OK.

Thankfully the outlines of the ladybugs transferred.  Many people were also having problems with this image, and I was worried about that.

This is after already stamping once.  The images are deeply engraved and almost every image had leftover polish in the designs.

For some reason, many of the images once stamped had these blobs.  I'm not sure how much of it is user error or poor design once again, but I don't have a problem with any other of my images plates so I have a feeling it is a result of the latter.  I tried putting less polish, tried angling my scraper differently, etc.

Again, weird blobs.

The blobs make yet another appearance!

So mine stamped just "OK".  For $28 bucks for two plates (technically $9.00 each), meaning they cost more than Konads, I'd expect them to be very good quality.  It seems like the quality control for these are very poor and the stamps themselves are very inconsistent because some people can't even get theirs to stamp without ginormous blobs!  Also, for the people who got defective plates, her customer service is very bad.  She is not responding, and not giving refunds.  Beware.  While the designs are super cute, I definitely don't think these plates are worth it.

Here is a dupe of the plates, including a few images from the A03 and A04 (not all of the images  though).  You can purchase it here.  I have not tried this plate yet but I do plan on getting one and once I do I will post pictures :) 


  1. I have a set of Red Angel plates and they are sharp around the edges also. I hate when my girls use them.

    1. Yeah those are pretty sharp too! But I actually cut myself pretty badly with the Shanys :(

  2. Wow these look like great plates! I can't wait to see the manicures you do with them! And Casey I wanted you to know that I nominated you on my blog for the Versitle Blogger Award: http://nailsoup.cyber-soup.com/2012/04/versatile-blogger-award.html So excited! :D


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