Mar 29, 2012

So sorry!

Hi all, so sorry it has been so long since my last post.  First, two of my nails were ripped off and bleeding.  So of course I did not do my nails.  Also laptop was being repaired, and I have been busy.  I did this mani last night real quick, I hope you enjoy.  I am finding that the Kleancolors are very opaque and tend to be AWESOME for stamping.    The one draw back is that they are very bad smelling.  When I am using them to polish my nails, not just for stamping, I have to open my windows and/or turn on a fan because the smell can give me a head ache.  Just a heads up!!

Base:  Sinful Colors - "Sweet Dreams"
Stamped with Kleancolor "Pastel Blue" using Cheeky plate CH6.
Ring fingers stamped with Konad Special White Polish using Konad m84, then I placed a fuschia rhinestone on the bow!  

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