Mar 11, 2014

Happy 311 Day!!!

So, I scheduled this to post on 3-11, but it didn't work.  I was out of town, so I'm sorry that it is late.  It says it was published, but it doesn't look like it did.  Ugh.  Sorry!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you've probably already learned that 311 is my favorite band.  Every other year, 311 has an extended concert (60+ songs!!) on "311 Day" - or, March 11th.  This year, 311 day has returned to New Orleans and I'm there, baby!  

These nails are extremely busy, but that's what I wanted!  When I think of New Orleans, I think of Mardi Gras and parties.  I hope you don't think they're TOO busy!  

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in #450 'Lickety-Split Lime' as my base.  I really love the Insta-Dri's.  The brush isn't that great, though.  
I sponged on OPI 'Purple With a Purpose' on my middle and pinky fingers.  On my ring finger, I sponged on Sinful Colors 'Call You Later' 

Index finger: I used Konad m77 in Konad Special Polish Green (beads) and MyOnline Shop Special Polish in Purple and China Glaze 'Passion' (feathers).  

Middle finger:  I used Konad m77 for the beads, and applied beads/gems over it :)  

Ring finger:  I stamped the crown from Konad m40, then used a 311 waterslide decal that I created and placed a pink rhinestone on the crown.  This was inspired by a tank top that I own.  

Pinky finger:  Messy Mansion MM06 (fleur-de-lys) using black special stamping polish..  I chose to use the fleur-des-lys because it is the symbol of New Orleans (read here for history on the Fleur de Lys).  And of course, the beads and feathers symbolize Mardi Gras :)  

My thumb is a Mardi Gras mask with feathers on it.  I had to get creative and make my own from various stamps.  I used OB40 for the mask (I think it was a butterfly, I just sort of modified the image), and feathers from Konad m77.  I saw MoYou London has a plate that is entirely masks.  Darn.  I wish I had that before this trip!!  I glued a gem on , and I normally don't use nail glue for gems but I'm doing my nails a few days before hand and I know they'll fall off before then... I think they'll stay, but you can see where the glue was!  :(  Maybe I used too much?  This is the first time I've ever used nail glue.  Ah well.    I also sponged some more Sinful Colors 'Call You Later' around the mask because I thought it was a lil' too plain all by it's lonesome.  :)  

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in #450 'Lickety-Split Lime', OPI 'Purple With a Purpose'Sinful Colors 'Call You Later', China Glaze 'Passion'

Stamping polishes.

Feb 13, 2014

Create a Little Love Campaign

I was asked by Brilliant Earth to participate in their Create a Little Love Campaign.  Brilliant Earth is an ethical, conflict-free diamond and jeweler.  They also donate 5% of their profit towards people affected by the diamond industry.

My base was Zoya 'Sweet'

I used the saran wrap technique to create a marble look by putting Zoya 'Dita' over top 'Sweet' and dabbing with a crumpled piece of saran wrap!

I absolutely LOVE how this came out!

Cupid is a pretty typical icon for Valentine's Day. I love this because the 'LOVE' has an arrow through it, cupid is shooting his arrow at the couple, couple kisses, and the rest is history!  

Zoya 'Sweet' and Zoya 'Dita'

PSSST... I have yet to review the Winstonia Second Gen plates... STAY TUNED!

Happy valentine's to everyone, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

'Love conquers all, and so let us surrender ourselves to Love.'

Feb 9, 2014

The Walking Dead !

Hi everyone!  I'm super excited about these nails because they are inspired by AMC's The Walking Dead's mid-season premier tonight!

I wanted the ugliest base I could possibly find.  I started with China Glaze 'Kalahari Kiss' and sponged on China Glaze 'Westside Warrier' and China Glaze 'Mahogany Magic'.  

I love the ring finger - the buildings of Atlanta city

Starting with my thumb, I used the following plates:
Zombies on the thumb:  MJ XXV
Zombies on the index finger:  (left) MJ XVIII, (right) MJ XXV
Middle, ring, and pinky finger all using MJ XXV
Blood splatters:  FUN 4

I used Essie 'Matte About You' matte topcoat (my first time using, actually!)

China Glaze 'Kalahari Kiss', China Glaze 'Mahogany Magic', and China Glaze 'Westside Warrier'

Mash Special Polish in Black, and MyOnline Shop's Special Stamping Polish in Red

Thanks for stopping by,

Jan 29, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014: Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year is Friday, January 31st.  The year 2014 is the Year of the Horse, according to Chinese Zodiac.  Visit Travel China Guide to read more about the Chinese Zodiac and The Year of The Horse :)

Nubar 2010

Base Coat:  OPI 'The Thrill of Brazil' , with Nubar '2010'
I added the 2010 flakies because I wanted a subtle gold. I love this look! I tried taking a photo in different lighting to try and catch the colors.

Chinese New Year 2014 nails

Chinese New Year 2014
Thumb and Index finger:  BM-H15
Middle finger:  NC02 (took off the unicorn horn, hehe)
Ring finger:  Konad m08
Pinky finger:  BM-H15

Nailz Craze image plates

Happy New Year!

Jan 21, 2014

National Hugging Day!

Today is National Hugging Day!  According to Wikipedia and NHD website, it was started in 1986 here in Michigan!  The 'holiday' has since gained recognition world wide.  The idea is to encourage people to embrace hugging :)  There are many health benefits to hugging, including increased levels of oxytocin!  (psst, read here for a list of reasons why we need to hug more!)

My thumb was just a mish-mash of different parts of image plates.  Upper left says "Love", then "Hold Me", "Love", "Hug Me", "Peace".

China Glaze 'Awaken' and Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'

ooohhhhh, puuurdy.

'hug me' stamped on my index finger

Peace sign on my ring finger

 The people holding hands are in the fourth row from the bottom, third one in. :)  

Peace + Love on my pinky finger, and peace signs on my thumb.

So, have you hugged your neighbor lately?  ;) Have a wonderful day.

Jan 9, 2014

Mash 51-75 Review!

The package came like this, and inside each plate was individually wrapped.

I don't really like that they were individually wrapped, this made it a pain to open them all, especially since I was excited to see them and get started! :)  

As usual, they come with the blue cover, so make sure to remove it before using!

Full nail image sizes:
 Height in Inches
 Height in mm
 Width in Inches
Width in mm

Overall, I do like this set and I am happy with it.  The variety of designs is good and there are a lot of really cute designs.  My one issue, which may not be an issue for many people, is that the images are too large for my nails.... which is a huge bummer for me!  I do wish they were a little smaller, but I could see then some people complaining that they aren't large enough.  I understand that they can't please everybody.

 I started with OPI 'Ginger Bells'
I used Mash Black Special Polish with plate Mash-64.  I alternated one design on every other finger, then used two other different ones on the index and ring finger.  :)  

Pretty simple, but I like it :) 

You can purchase these at  for $12.99 with free shipping! 
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